Don't Worry, Be Appy!

AppLabz Provides Hosted Facebook and Wordpress Applications!

Our Apps can be installed to any Facebook page or Wordpress site via our proprietary App Store.

What products and services does AppLabz offer?

  1. Wordpress Hosting, Facebook Page Customization, and Apps that can be installed to both.

  2. Our App Store and product suite can be sold via retail or wholesale distribution models.

  3. Social CRM and Lead Generation. All of our products are designed to maximize leads.

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Case Study...

We've optimized our platform for white label opportunities in any market vertical. One of our favorite verticals thus far has been Real Estate. We've partnered with MLS's to provide the worlds first Social Property Search on Facebook and Wordpress!

As you can see in the video, prospective home buyers can search for homes right on an agents Facebook page. The user provides their social graph information to the App and the Real Estate Professional can then contact the home buyer directly!

If you are involved in a market vertical you think our technology would work well in, please reach out to us.

Automation at Scale

Use our system to deploy and customize Apps for your Facebook business pages and Wordpress sites. The automated process makes it possible for you to deploy a custom app to many different users in a scalable way.

Social Engagement

Our Apps are built on top of the social graph so they are inherently social and help to promote your brand. This means that users will get more engagement and exposure for their brand. The web is a social place and businesses need to be prepared to offer engagements that meet that expectation.

Lead Generation

Once you are engaging customers at your brand portal you need to convert these eyeballs to leads. Since our platform is built on the social graph we make capturing user information and storing it in a CRM extremely easy.